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fundamentals of management assignment

Before moving ahead let us talk about some fundamentals of management. Well, we all are aware of the term Management. We also use this term in our daily life. Let us take an example of a housewife as the person who manages and controls all the household work. She is free to do her work on her own or assign someone else for her help, she has all the available resources by which she can manage and complete her work. She assigns a cook for preparing food, she assigns a maid for cleaning the house for these services she will pay them and after that, they will complete her work. Here, the money she gives for her work is an input and in reserve, she receives work as an output.

Here we cover some points with you which may help you to a better understanding of Management:-

  • What is Management?
  • Courses in Management

What is Management

The meaning of the fundamentals of management is to control or organize something. management is the coordination and the administration task to achieve the desired goals. Consider a business enterprise, it may be a company or trading person. In both cases to start and run a business, they need a certain amount of capital (Money), land, and labor. They required some machines, and a proper process was involved. All of these are known as the input for the business and that results in output in terms of product and service. This process of using various resources (input) to get a perfect service (input) is known as management. The degree of success is measured by how well you use your available resources to achieve your goals. In some other words, management required a series of activities classified into planning, strategy, organizing, directing, and controlling.

Courses in Management

The universities offered various courses at a graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral level. Here we talk about all the three levels of courses:

  • UG level:- The undergraduate course covered BBA, BBM, INTEGRATED MBA, and BBA LLB
  • PG level:- The postgraduate course covered MBA, EXECUTIVE MBA, DISTANCE MBA, and PART-TIME MBA/ONLINE MBA.
  • Doctoral level/Ph.D.:- The doctoral course covered FPM, Ph.D., and MDP

Major Fundamentals of Management Assignment

Now we begin with some main fundamentals of management assignment here, as we talk about the vast options in management courses. Though it is a professional course so assignments seem to be important for students for better marks and a good understanding of the topic.

Some Points are There, That You Should be Focused On:

Introduction (100 words)

The assignment should be about 2000 words in paragraph and consist of the following:-

  • Make an Introductory Statement About the Topics
  • Give Background Information
  • Provide a Thesis Statement
  • Scope of your Essay

Body (1700 words)

  • Developing your Argument.
  • Start each Paragraph with a Topic.
  • Give Relevant Examples.
  • Apply a Framework from the Course.

Conclusion (100 words)

  • Restate your Thesis Statement.
  • Highlight the Main Points in the Paragraph.
  • Finish with a Strong Statement About the Wider Content.

Major Problem Faced by Students in Fundamentals of Management Assignments

This course required the perfect skills and deep knowledge of students and the proper time of the students. As we all know not all students have a different level of understanding and not every student have enough time to write their assignment with full attention.

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