Grab Information Before Applying for an Australian Visa

Australian Visa

Australian Visa

According to the reports, around 18 million Indian students opt for overseas education. Abroad Education is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that provides high-quality education, the best resources, and ample facilities. By pursuing an abroad education, scholars can explore an excellent global market. There are numerous career-rewarding opportunities available for students. Countries like Denmark, the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada offer the best international education. Australia is one of the leading countries, around the globe, with the best universities and affordable teaching.

Why is an Australian Visa Important For Indian Students?

The Australian Student Visa allows a person to study and work throughout the educational period. At the same time, the Visa permits a partner or family member to join the student. There is no maximum age limit for students to apply for a student visa. Two types of Visas are; Short term Visa which is eligible for six months, and Long term Visa is valid for more than three years. Individuals can renew their visas multiple times if they want to stay longer.

Understanding The Student Visa Requirements

To get an Australian Visa, students have to apply at least 124 days before the commencement of university classes. The requirements for the Visa are as follows:

  • Students must have ID Proof, a Birth Certificate, a passport, 4 Passport size photos, and a Visa application form and fees.
  • Certificates of the student’s academic qualifications,
  • Offer Letter confirming the enrollment sent by the institution.
  • Proof of an accurate score in English Proficiency tests IELTS.
  • The Genuine Temporary Entrant statement confirms students’ temporary stay in Australia.
  • Proof of sufficient funds for students to cover all costs and expenses, such as travel, course fees, and rent.
  • Overseas student’s health cover provides help in any medical care, medicines, and ambulance in emergencies.
  • Students have to undergo health examinations to get a medical certificate. 
  • Character certificate providing police background check.

Why Scholars Choose Australia for Further Studies?

Australia is a country that has an enviable lifestyle providing a tremendous educational environment. It has also achieved global excellence in education. Australian qualification is also highly recognized in companies which is beneficial for students. Various Australian universities are renowned for providing the best education, namely, The University of Melbourne, The University of Sydney, The Australian National University, Monash University, The University of Queensland, The University of Western Australia, The University of Adelaide, that offer outstanding education. 

These universities are world-class in terms of research and development. More than 1,000 Australian institutions are offering over 22,000 courses. They provide homes to over 7 Lakh students, and the numbers are increasing rapidly. The colleges follow a career-oriented training approach and focus more on practical education than theoretical knowledge. It supports students in enhancing their necessary skills which are more impactful.

Additional Information for Scholars to Aid them Live their Best Life in Australia

Hard work is the key to success, and Australian colleges offer tons of opportunities to aid learners in coming out of their comfort zones. It is not easy to get admitted to the right university. It demands plenty of hard work, consistency, and discipline. Even after getting admission into a good university, students need a lot of funds to fulfill their necessities. Students have to take loans as the international university fees are pretty high. As a result, they do part-time jobs that considerably reduce the cost of studying and living. At the same time, part-time jobs will enhance students’ experience and skills.

Doing part-time jobs and attending classes in universities gets difficult for students to balance things out. Working students do not get enough time to complete their assignments. But, projects are essential in a scholar’s life and can’t be ignored. To get rid of this, students can refer to our EssayCorp services, the best online assignment help provider for students with pocket-friendly budgets. As we know, our writers are working very dedicatedly 24×7 to help students tackle their assignment worries. Our team also includes expert professional writers who are peculiarly involved in the whole process from start to end.

Scholarships In Australia For Indian Students

Scholarships provide great help to Indian students by taking away their financial concerns. It empowers students’ academic and career goals. Consequently, most of the scholarships cover entire tuition fees, rent for accommodation, study materials, etc. Australian universities will approximately be able to supply about $15,000 per year. There are specific eligibility criteria for Australian Scholarships like good academic scores, qualification in English Proficiency Tests such as IELTS score, extracurricular activities, and subjects chosen by the student. Students must check the university’s scholarship guidelines before applying because policies vary from university to university. 


Australia is more affordable than other countries having excellent living conditions, high-quality education, and multicultural societies. There are eight Australian Universities in the top 100 universities, which is an achievement for the country. Compared to other countries, an Australian visa is manageable for scholars to initiate their education. A great benefit of a student visa is that it allows students to bring a family member along.

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