How to Make Assignments in Australia?

How to Make Assignments in Australia?

If we ask the definition of “Happiness” from students they would say “Happiness is….finally completing an assignment”. When we get an assignment on the firsthand it always seems impossible until it is done. As a student, we primarily focus on completing an assignment anyhow and not on the importance of assignments.

Studying in Australia teaches you qualities like managing time, keeping a schedule, and meeting deadlines. Especially being an international student in Australia is not a cup of tea sometimes as they work part-time while they study and complete assignments, on time can be exhausting sometimes. If you are tense and confused about completing your assignments or how to start them, then you are at the right place. 

What Writing Styles do Australian Universities follow?

The writing should be clear and to the point which helps not only the writer but also the reader. Some of the Universities like Sydney, Melbourne, Monash, and Victoria follow these writing styles of academic writing:

  1. Descriptive: it’s a simple writing style that demands a description of the subject matter and focuses more on facts and the information to the reader.
  2. Analytical: it is highly used at university levels and this shows the thought process of a writer or student and focuses on three questions: HOW? WHY? and SO WHAT?
  3. Persuasive: this form of writing is mostly used in essay writing. The points have to be justified by referring to examples or facts and concluded with personal views.
  4. Critical: this demands strong writing skills, logical reasoning, and deep knowledge of the subject matter.

Tips to Consider Before Writing an Assignment:

Now, when we are aware of writing styles, it’s time for us to know the BODMAS rule that needs to be considered before starting an article:

  • Break up your time
  • Obey your schedule
  • Do meticulous research
  • Make smaller goals
  • Avoid procrastination while working
  • Stay positive

Steps Which Makes your Assignment More Effective:

The very first step of making your assignment effective is to START the assignment. This is the most difficult task once you start your assignment, all you need to do is to pen down all the obstacles which can come your way and try to avoid them because to get an A+ grade you need to stand out from others.

Here are some steps that can turn your “good grade into a great grade”

  • Proper Planning: First, you need to figure out how much time you need to invest in your assignment and plan accordingly. And have the proper knowledge on what basis your assignment will be assessed.
  • Analyze: Here, you need to know what’s expected of you, analyze what’s the topic. The words which will tell you what to do are-analyze, compare and contrast, etc.
  • Draft a Structure: This will give you a structure to follow, the basic structure of every assignment includes Introduction(10%)-briefly explain the purpose of the topic, Main Body(80%)- includes main idea supporting with examples and facts, and Conclusion(10%)- briefly restate your main points.
  • Proper Research: Find relevant and reliable information from online resources like journals, articles, research papers, or by talking to experts before starting your assignment. 
  • Evaluate: Now, when you’re done with the full research work you need to figure out what works for you or what needs to be included in your assignment.
  • Pen it Down: It’s time to bring all the information together and start writing your assignment. Start with a conclusion as it is easiest to write and leave Introduction for the last and feel free while writing. It’s Ok not to be perfect.
  • Edit and Proofread: Once you’re done with the writing part all you have to do is proofread and edit for improvement. Is your assignment well presented? Is your content logically arranged or relevant to the topic? By asking these questions you can enhance your assignment.
  • Check for No Plagiarism: Your assignment is your reflection as it evaluates your analysis and criticizing skills. So, copying others’ work will not improve our knowledge and critical thinking. It’s better to check for no plagiarism. You can find online software for the same.


The final step is to submit the assignment before time which will leave a good impression on your professor. Assignments in Australia can be hectic sometimes but simultaneously it also improves your knowledge, skills, abilities, and critical thinking.

If you find these points relevant then share them with your friends and help them because “Helping others means helping yourself”.