LPN Travel Assignments – A Challenge for Travel Nurses

LPN Travel Assignments

The demand for nurse practitioners is always high and due to high demands, there will always be a shortage of nurses. That’s where LPN Travel nurses come into the picture. As a travel nurse, you can travel as many countries as you want before finding a place to settle down. This field can provide nursing students with ample opportunities. Thus, students choose this field more compared to other fields. LPN’s students have to engage in career-long training and because of this, they didn’t get enough time to prepare for their LPN travel assignments. That is why they have to look for assignment help through various online sources. EssayCorp has helped millions of students in Australia to gain A+ grades in their LPN Travel assignments. Our native Australian writers are well aware of the writing guidelines as they are alumni of Australian universities.

What is an LPN Travel Nursing?

LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) Travel Nursing came into the picture when the field of nursing faced a nationwide shortage. Due to these shortages, the healthcare industry faced vacancies that need to be filled and travel nurses are the first ones to fill open positions. LPN is a nurse who looks after patients under the supervision of mid-level practitioners or under registered nurses depending on their jurisdiction. They work not only in their native country but also in other countries as international nurses. Many registered nurses work as travel nurses to explore new opportunities and along with it, they get higher than their usual pay.

3 Benefits of LPN Travel Nursing

There are numerous benefits of pursuing LPN travel nursing and they enjoy a unique mix of benefits. LPN travel nurses experience the most stable, in-demand career, and the exciting variety that travel brings.

Flexible Schedule: This is one of the best benefits of LPN traveling as it gives you an option to work in any location according to your want. Or you can also coordinate your schedule in case you want to take a break to spend time with your family. It provides both professional and personal flexibility.

Well Compensated: As a traveling nurse, you can earn higher pay packages compared to staff nurses. Some locations pay more than others. LPN nurses work hard and are well compensated. This financial stability gives a level of satisfaction and peace of mind.

Meet all kinds of People: This is the most obvious benefit of an LPN travel nurse as you go from place to place you will get an opportunity to meet new people from all walks of life, which broadens your perspective. You can build a whole network of people while working alongside a variety of healthcare professionals.

Education Requirements to Become LPN Travel Nurse

Candidates who want to pursue this as their career then must have a diploma in nursing program which is known as an associate’s degree. Students with this degree are suitable for entry-level nursing positions. Many Colleges or Universities offer Bachelor’s and Advanced Degrees in four-year nursing programs. An advanced degree makes students eligible for advanced practice registered nursing jobs and travel nurses with an MSN (Master of Science in Nursing) can accept contract-based LPN travel assignments.

Travel nurses each assignment or contract lasts for only 13 weeks that can be extended according to their wish. National Council Licensure Examination for registered nurses is the board that provides students with the license to work legally.  After becoming a travel nurse, RN can apply for a multi-state license to avoid applying for a license in every state they visit for work. So it is important to have at least a bachelor’s degree in nursing to pursue contract positions with minimal training and work in professional settings.

Problems Faced by Nursing Students

Becoming an LPN Travel nurse is a dream for most nursing students but many of them can not live their dream in reality mainly because of financial issues. It becomes more hectic for them or their family to pay such a huge amount of course fees in nursing school. Along with not getting financial support, students who work as an apprentice to gain experience in this industry have to go even on weekends and holidays to assist other registered nurses and doctors. Besides, students lack basic communication and interpersonal skills and find this is the most challenging part. Apart from all these challenges, students become nervous when they have to write LPN travel assignments, projects, or case studies without any professional guidance. Therefore, EssayCorp can be proved as beneficial for these students.

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