The Extent of Nursing Psychology Programmes in Australia

Nursing Psychology

Both Nursing and Psychology are different topics of science. But when they are interconnected, it helps everyone to understand the physical and mental behavior of humans. Nursing is the aspect that equips us to take care of the physical health of our patients, whereas Psychology deals with the psychic behavior of the victims. Nursing Psychology is the domain that helps nurses to treat an individual after knowing their mental health. As we all know, nurses assist everyone to keep their physical health fit. After studying psychology, they also help us to take care of our mental health. Now, several students opt for these programs in their academics at various levels like graduate, postgraduate, and doctorate. This course teaches you to handle the responsibility of your patients regarding their health issues. Psychological studies help the attendants to treat their patients according to their age and gender. Different people have different thoughts and consequently, you need to take care of them according to their thoughts.

List of Different Australian Universities

There are several universities in Australia that provide students with Nursing Psychology programs in their curriculum. These institutions have been offering the course for many years. In these organizations, professors with good knowledge and years of experience teach their students for the entire session. The tutors provide students with detailed information and excellent learning that help the scholars in their whole careers. Here are some Australian universities that offer Nursing Psychology courses in their academic years:

  • University of New South Wales
  • University of Queensland Australia
  • University of Melbourne
  • Monash University
  • Australian National University
  • Deakin University
  • Macquarie University
  • University of Adelaide
  • Curtin University
  • Flinders University

Nursing Psychology Course Structure

The Nursing Psychology program is a four-year course that consists of 8 trimesters. Students need to complete at least 32 credit points in their entire program. Most students choose 4 points per semester and study two trimesters in one year. Each topic of the course consists of core subjects that are compulsory for them to understand. The distribution of the credit point is as follows:

  • The nursing section consists of around 20 credit points.
  • The psychology part weighs approximately ten credit points.
  • The remaining credits of the course are to be given by the Faculty of Health for their learning.

Scholars learn various abilities like multidisciplinary learning, psychological help, and medical technologies. The curriculum covers several matters such as Anatomy, Physiology, Human Behaviour, Health Care, and Psychopathology. Institutes also help students with practical knowledge as they provide students with earlier exposure to clinical experience. The students who have clinical practice get extra benefits at the time of their job selections.

Scope and Salary of Nurse with Psychiatric Knowledge

The duty of a psychiatric nurse is very tough as you have to handle patients with mental instability or mental illness. Every individual reacts differently to their health problems. Some respond positively to their fitness and recover quickly. Meanwhile, some of them get stressed due to their fitness and start thinking negatively regarding their health. A psychiatric nurse deals with individuals who think negatively about their health. They help them to get out of their thoughts and help them to recover speedily.

In the era of negativity, being a nurse with psychological knowledge is very needful work. The demand for these nurses has been increasing to an extent. Many individuals are suffering from mental disorders like depression, anxiety, and agitation. Therefore, every hospital needs enormous psychiatric nurses for their patients. The salary demand for these attendants is around 80,000$ to 100,000$.


Nursing Psychology courses are widespread among college students in Australia. Several universities provide scholars with the same course structure. Students get to learn both theory and practical information regarding nursing and psychology. In their academics, they need to write various assessments to score well in their final results. Therefore, students seek online Nursing Assignment Help from top-notch websites. To know more about these online services, visit us at or WhatsApp us.

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