Online Construction Management Courses for Universities in Australia

Online Construction Management Courses for Universities in Australia

The online construction management course is carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized for professionals in the civil and construction engineering sector looking to advance their careers. With the help of this course, students will get comprehensive knowledge of the industry along with the latest development and trends within the industry. After students successfully complete this course, They will gain significant tools and skills to stay relevant and ahead of the curve in the world of construction management.

It is a professional service that gives a project’s owner effective management of the cost, project’s schedule, quality, function, scope, and safety. Construction management is compatible with all project delivery methods. CM is a service that uses skilled, project management techniques to keep an eye on the organization, design, and construction of a project, from its starting to its end.

The construction sector is one of the largest employing industries in Australia and it is said that employment will grow rapidly over the next 5 years with more than 55,000 jobs opening.

List of 10 Popular Universities for Construction Management Courses

In the universities, the course can be pursued in different streams. The course is offered in science and business management degrees. The popular courses are BBA, BE, in construction management. The time duration of a B.Sc. in construction management is three years, B.Tech in construction management program is offered within the duration of four years and the master’s program is for two years.

Various Australian universities and institutes offer online construction management courses and here we are going to talk about some 10 popular universities

  1. Construction Management Curtin – This construction management course is designed in collaboration with Curtain’s industry partner, including the Australian Institute of Building.
  2. Construction Management Unisa The duration of the online program in Unisa is 3 years for full time and the mode of education is online.
  3. RMIT Construction Management – RMIT’s construction management discipline offers a scope of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across Hong Kong, Melbourne, and Singapore.
  4. UTS Construction Management – The student must complete 24 credits points made up of four compulsory subjects.
  5. UNSW construction Management –  One of the most respected construction programs in Australia. UNSW has the most employable students.
  6. WSU Construction Management – Western Sydney University values its partnership with TAFE NSW and selected private vocational education and training.
  7. Construction Management Deakin – At Deakin, this multidisciplinary approach gives you experience working with allied profession before you graduate.
  8. Construction Management QUT – The CM course at the Queensland University of Technology is known to be the best in Australia and also popular on international grounds.
  9. Construction Management UON – University of Newcastle (UON) has partnered with the BCAA (Building and construction authority academy) to offer both local and international students a chance to take the challenges of a career.
  10. Construction Management BOND – The curriculum of construction management addresses a range of topics including site management, construction technology, contract administration, etc.


Choosing the perfect university for your desired course is such a complicated task. We have brought the 10 most prominent universities or institutes in Australia for an online construction management course. Start your career with the most dynamic Australian universities for a construction management course. You will learn from teachers who are experienced in their respective fields to benefit from the latest industry strategies, ideas, and importantly their existing professional networks.

Construction management brings demanding opportunities in developing countries. As there is vast scope for infrastructural development in these countries leading to industrial setups, building offices for employees, construction of housing societies, community buildings, colleges, schools, and other related areas.