Best Finance Degrees – Bachelor and Master’s Level

Best Finance Degrees for Bachelor and Master’s Level

Ace With the Right Choice

In today’s fast-paced living, with increased competition and zeal to do more, we quite often reach an ambiguous state for choosing the right career path. Moreover, with an array of options both offline and online, it becomes tough what to choose and where to go.

This, in turn, puts us in a perturbed state making it difficult to choose the right course and college for further studies. With innumerable online options available choosing the right one is indeed a herculean task.

Ace With the Right Choice

But don’t worry we aim at bringing an end to your worries by offering you a complete list of all the colleges to pursue Finance related online course.

With an upsurge in the usage of internet connectivity and reachability have become quite easy.

In addition, with an option to pursue courses online comes an advantage of flexibility and ease of doing things at your own pace.

Online Finance Course

From a pool of alternatives to choose from, opting for Finance as an area of study is not only interesting but a lucrative choice as well.

Studying Finance helps the students understand various aspects such as the flow of money, budgeting, allocating adequate finances to carry out a smooth flow of activities, understand the capital supply and demands.

Moreover, studying Finance via online mode adds more advantages in terms of the pace with which you could complete your syllabus as well as assignments.

After going for an online mode of study, don’t feel that you lag behind students in comparison to students pursuing courses via regular mode. Online courses too complete the same study material and students need to appear for the examination at the end of a semester.

Finance Career Options

An individual possessing adequate knowledge of Finance is found to be multi-talented, with technical skills along with art to build a healthy relationship with colleagues, peers and seniors, an eye for technology application and innovation.

Not only this studying Finance can open various career avenues in the field of Banking, Financial Planning, Stock Trading, Insurance, Financial Advisory Services.

One can explore the different Financial sectors such as insurance, private equity, commercial banking, corporate finance, investment banking during the course of study.

Institutes Offering Online Bachelor and Master Degrees

We list a few premier options where one can avail themselves online Finance course.

For Online Bachelor Degree

Deakin – Bachelor of Commerce

This university offers a four-year course in Finance. The curriculum comprises of four units. The same syllabus is followed for both regular and online mode. The different subjects included in the course are the study of money and capital markets, understanding the aspects of investment analysis, corporate finance, and the various analytical methods.

ECU – Bachelor of Commerce

Edith Cowan University offers a Bachelor of Commerce degree in both Finance and Accounting and Finance double major. Subjects such as Financial Modelling, credit and lending decisions, personal finance and financial Institutions Management are covered. The academic year for this degree is in turn divided into two semesters.

UNE- A course with Finance Majors

The University of New England offers a Bachelor of Business program with major as Finance. One could also opt for Accounting major along with Finance major. The subjects covered in the curriculum are financial planning, financial statement analysis, small business finance, retirement, and banking.

For Online Master of Finance Degrees

CSU- Master of Applied Finance

Charles Sturt University offers Master of Applied Finance which is a 12-unit course. One has the option of completing the entire course in a span of 2 years online. The specializations available are Banking, Financial and Estate Planning. CSU follows a trimester system which allows you to study over Summer months.

Deakin – Master of International Finance

This university offers an online Master of International Finance.  The specializations in the curriculum include Advance finance, Finance Research Reports, Risk Management, and Financial Planning. The program comprises of 12 units which are extended to 16 units if finance studies and professional practices are new topics for you.

Moreover, in the cloud or online mode of study, lessons might be conducted at Deakin’s Burwood campus in Melbourne.

What to Choose Master of Finance or MBA?

Coming to a consensus is a tough job as this decision is entirely dependent on your career path.

What to Choose?

Considering the Master of Finance as a choice would add more to your pool of knowledge when it comes to practicality and demonstration of financial skills. This qualification helps you gain expertise specifically in the domain of Finance.

On the other hand, an MBA is a generalist degree which focuses on management and leadership skills. This helps you understand management principles and different strategies.

Acquisition of technical skills with the help of an MBA degree is not a mandate. As the course primarily focuses on enhancing your managerial skills and ability to manage the tasks plus the art of getting your job done well in time.

Carving the Right Career Path

Well, it is completely an individual’s choice with what to go ahead in terms of career. Making the right choice at the right time plays a crucial role.

With the advancements that have been observed it becomes important to cope up with the day-to-day changes taking place.

Thus, one needs to choose wisely to carve a successful career.

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