Excuses for Missing Homework and Assignment Assistance

Excuses for Missing Homework and Assignment Assistance

Many of us have scratched our heads thinking which lie will be best to save us from our teachers. Every one of us can agree that school and college days are the most memorable and fun days of our lives, but homework is the only thing we hate during study life and we always find ways to run away from it. It is always been a horror show when the teacher asks for the homework and you have not done it. At the same time, without giving excuses, you can also seek support for assignment writing in Australia.
That is the exact moment when our mind tries hard for some solutions, eyes stare at our friends for help, we chew our nails in nervousness and just wish that we can run out of the room. But, none of this helps and you must save yourself by making some excuse.

You are trying these successful excuses in such situations to bail you out.

I was ill for days!
Probably the king of excuses, it can always help you out. Always keep in mind that illness should sound practical as if it really happened. Fever, swelling, viral infection and digestion issues are some of them.

Volunteering for a social event
You can always use a social cause as an excuse like volunteering for the community club, orphanage, pets help, etc. It will also enhance your image as a responsible person in your teacher’s eyes.

Did not know the homework was to be submitted today
This is the most common excuses but certainly worth a try.

Parents’ anniversary yesterday
This one can help because you can say you were busy all day round decorating the house, planning the surprises, fetching orders which did not leave you time for homework.

Lost it while house cleaning
You can say your homework got misplaced while you were cleaning up your room. Always sound convincing for this one to work.

Fall sick when asked about homework
When asked for the homework, bring all your acting skills together and pretend to be sick, suddenly. Make is if you have a bad stomach, dizziness or feeling like throwing up.

Mom gave a punishment
Tell your teacher you got really exhausting and time-consuming punishments like cleaning the car, mowing the lawn, checking and fixing of all the electric sockets, etc. from your mom for fighting the boy next door.

My computer crashed
This excuse can work wonders for you because you can always say that you did the homework, but the computer crashed. If you can play it well, the teacher will believe you.

Dad took it to work accidentally
While searching for his files and papers, by mistake your dad took off your homework with him too. But be careful with this excuse as your teacher may call your father to send in the homework.

Power cut
It may sound silly, but you always say there was no power at your house last night.


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